Hollanda Araştırma Enstitüsü  -  Nederlands Instituut in Turkije

NIT Bursiyerlerinin Projeleri (2006-2020)

2006'dan itibaren birçok genç araştırmacı Hollanda Araştırma Enstitüsü'nden İstanbul'da araştırma konaklaması bursu aldı. Bursiyerlerin ve projelerinin bir listesi aşağıda yer alıyor.


Ahmed Nuri (University of Amsterdam)

The anxieties of modernity: Literary subjectivities, temporality and identity in the Turkish novel

Ketty Inannantuono (Radboud University, Nijmegen)

Collecting sculptures, displaying identities: Roman archaeological heritage in Asia Minor against the background of national-building dynamics

Marijn Mannien (Leiden University)

"Belonging" to the Hellenistic world: The "Galatian’"fortifications of Central Anatolia in the local and global Hellenistic-Roman context

Minem Sezgin (Recipient of the Stimuleringsfonds/ Creative Industries Fund NL)

No Seat At The Table

Joost Snaterse (Radboud University, Nijmegen)

Urban patronage and social welfare in the early Byzantine Mediterranean

Banban Wang (Leiden University)

Coping with the new Empire: Aphrodisias as the provincial capital

Erdem Çolak (University of Amsterdam)

The deconstruction of national images via contemporary art in Turkey from
1990s to the present

Laura Brouwers (Maastricht University)

Understandings and use of the "Çanakkale Spirit" narrative in contemporary Turkey

Jeevan S. Panesar (Leiden University)

Illicit antiquities in the Eastern Mediterranean region (Turkey & Cyprus)


Sozan Toksöz (University of Amserdam)

Dutch correspondents based in Turkey

Robert Feller (University of Groningen)

Connecting Thrace: Cross-border cooperation in the Bulgarian-Turkish border region

Tsjalline Boorsma (University of Amsterdam)

Changing narratives and practices of humanitarianism in the context of displacement in Istanbul, Turkey

Key Tengeler (Leiden University)

Once upon a Roman past. Anchoring Justinian’s reign in his laws and the sixth-century literary landscape

Jorien Cousijn (TU Delft)

Common ground: design for a contemporary Caravanserai in Istanbul

Jaimee Comstock-Skipp (Leiden University)

The forgotten decades: the Shaybanid take on Ferdowsi’s Shahnama epic and artistic exchanges in late 16th-century Khorasan and Transoxiana


Burak Fıçı (Leiden University)

The Social-Political Context of City Fires of Ottoman Istanbul in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries According to European and Ottoman Sources

Jake Benson (Leiden University)

The Art of Abrī: Paper Marbling in the Early Modern Islamic World

Francesca Slim (Groningen University)

Pig data as a proxy for investigating cultural identity and social dynamics in Late Bronze Age Kaymakçı, Western Turkey

Özge Calafato (University of Amsterdam)

Modernity, Memory and Identity: Vernacular Photographs from Turkey

Bart Rendering (ACASA (UvA/VU))

Interconnectivity in Troy: a diachronic approach

Deepti Rao (University of Groningen)

Film as a means of Arts Education: its influence on self-conceptualization in
middle childhood

Lisette Scholtens (Leiden University)

The Süryani of Istanbul: Turkish inhabitants?


Remzi Çağatay Çakırlar (Leiden University)

The French Radical Party and the Making of Kemalism

Dirk van der Meij (TU Delft)

BEACHLIFE ISTANBUL - Subtraction and addition: the Kid, the Dog and the Tourist


Michèle Meijer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Ishtar and Kybele: the role of Anatolia in the transmission of religious ideas between Mesopotamia and the Greek-Roman World

Richard Staring (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Visiting Scholar

The meaning of Turkey for Turkish Dutch youngsters, and other research

Noëlle Steneker (University of Amsterdam)

Storytelling and Children in an International Classroom

 Tanya Sieiro van der Beek (Utrecht University)

Reassessing Hellenism in Pergamon

Zara Toksöz (University of Amsterdam)

Istanbul's Saturday Mothers

Konstantina Kapsali (Leiden University)

Soil Chemistry analysis of Neolithic floor sediments in Barcın Höyük

Beril Çakır (University of Amsterdam)

Geographies of Assimilation and Resistance: Urban Space, Memory and Identity in Diyarbakır

Ian D. Morris (University of Amsterdam)

The ‘royal court’ between Byzantium and early Islam: Difference, diffusion or convergent evolution?

Sean Patrick Smyth (Leiden University)

Sâmiha Ayverdi: the incongruity of the modern in Republican Turkey



Hüseyin Şen (Utrecht University)

Ottoman Science in the Sixteenth Century: Taqi al-Din's life and work

Eva Mol (Leiden University)

‘Oriental Gods’ and Roman religious practices

Dies van der Linde (Groningen University)

Funerary culture in Roman Pisidia

Daan Huberts (Radboud University)

Turkey: Agonism and the roots of the republic

Thalia Lysen (VU University Amsterdam)

Homeric epic and Hittite royal funerary rituals

Judith Zijlstra  (Leiden University)

Iranian student migration to Turkey

Laurentia Schreiber (Freie Universität Berlin)

Romeyka, an endangered minority language of the Black Sea region

Anouk Willemsen (Radboud University)

'Re-migration' from the Netherlands to Turkey

Isabel Kimmelfield (Radboud University)

Constantinople's Byzantine suburbs, in particular Tophane

Robin van Oene (Leiden University)

An ethnography of Istanbul's LGBTI organizations

Ruben Sibon (Leiden University)

Alternative media and citizen journalism in Turkey

Phil Bosch (artist in residence)

Investigating linguistics and archaeology through film


Janric van Rookhuijzen (Radboud University)

The topography of the Persian Wars

Alexander Wielemaker (Leiden University)

18th century Ottoman water infrastructure

Valentijn Vermeer (Münster University)

Ottoman-German cultural and political relations around World War I: representations in texts and architecture

Sanne Ursem (University of Amsterdam)

Anthropology of urban upheaval

Enno Maessen (Utrecht University)

Cultural representations of Beyoğlu's spaces

Maria Romano (Maastricht University)

Byzantine and Ottoman heritage in contempory Istanbul: differential treatment?

Evrim Emir (University of Amsterdam)

Ottoman miniature paintings and philosophy

Laurentien de Gelder (University of Amsterdam)

Building an archaeological museum

Alex Kemman (Utrecht University)

Water, power and conflict along the Tigris

Maaike Wentink (Leiden University)

Urban renewal, cultural heritage and authenticity in Tophane

Frouke Schrijver (University of Birmingham)

The Byzantine court in the Early Palaiologan period

Tayfun Karabağlı (Utrecht University)

Turkish-German relations during World War II



Simone Pekelsma (Leiden University) & Sieta Neuerburg (independent)

The touristic rediscovery of Sufi rituals in contemporary Turkey

Nicola Verderame (Leiden University)

Fountain building in the Late Ottoman Empire

Max Hermens (Nijmegen University)

Analyzing contemporary travel guides on Turkey

Marieke Wissink (Maastricht University)

Transnational social networks and migration strategies of African migrants in Turkey and Greece

Krijn Hoogendorp (Leiden University)

Daily life in Azerbaijan (1918-1938)

Joost van den Oever (Nijmegen University)

Apocalypticism and the 1453 fall of Constantinople

Jeroen Vlug (VU University Amsterdam)

Negotiating religion and secularism in Turkish society

Irena Ajdinovic (University of Amsterdam)

Representations of Osman II and Mustafa I in Balkan literature

Freek Janssens (University of Amsterdam)

Street markets in Istanbul

Elske Kroondijk (Groningen University)

Music therapy and Sufism

Elise van der Laan (University of Amsterdam)

The sociology of beauty in Turkish fashion magazines

Annelies Kuijpers (University of Amsterdam)

The anthropology of modern mosque design

Andrea Meuzelaar (University of Amsterdam)

The representation of muslim immigrants on Dutch television



Sjoerd Jeroen Moenandar (Groningen University)

Meetings with muslims in Dutch literature

Rosanne Baars (University of Amsterdam)

Jean-Louis Rigo, 18th c. secretary of the Dutch embassy

Rolien Hoyng (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)

Intersections of technology and the city

Reinier Meijering (Utrecht University)

Seleucids in Miletos and Didyma

Erik van Lit (McGill University)

15th c. philisophical texts from the Ottoman Empire

Edith Ammeraal (Utrecht University)

Gentrification in Tophane

Annelies Bakker (Maastricht University)

Contemporary art galleries in Tophane



Seçkin Özdamar (Maastricht University)

Urban spaces and the formation of national memory

Sanne van Poppel (Nijmegen University)

Imperial ideology and the representation of power in Late Antique Constantinople

Elisha van den Bos (VU University Amsterdam)

Neolithic habitation practices in northwestern Turkey



Rik Vaessen (Sheffield University)

Western Anatolia in the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age

Logan Sparks (Tilburg University)

Religious sites shared by muslims and non-muslims

Karin Schuitema (Leiden University)

Feasting in the Aegean and Near East (3000 BC-650 BC)

Günay Uslu (University of Amsterdam)

Ottoman perspectives on Troy and Schliemann

Cindy Jansen (artist in residence)

Urban influence on nature: video art and photography

Christina Williamson (Groningen University)

Civic identity in Asia Minor in the Hellenistic period


Sieta Neuerburg (University of Amsterdam)

Educational programmes for primary schools in Istanbul’s museums


Joris Oddens (University of Amsterdam)

In the footsteps of a 17th c. Dutch tourist